A heart is a house for love…

Is there a heart in the house tonight…?

As a student athlete I learned many important lessons, but few as important as understanding that the game is never one in the 1st quarter. Play until that final whistle, and the outcome will speak for itself. Ask the Atlanta Falcons when the game was over in Super Bowl 51. Ask the fans that left the stadium early. Even better, ask the team holding the Lombardi trophy at the end. In case you missed it, It wasn’t Atlanta that year.


Now you’re saying: Ok Antonio, where’s this going? You always come here to talk about living lyfe, so why are we talking sports? You would be correct, so lets talk lyfe, and why it’s important to understand that the game isn’t won in the 1st quarter. As we’re leaving March, we’re exiting the 1st quarter of the year. What was your 1st quarter like? Did you have ups? Did you have downs? Are you riding highs, or climbing up from lows? No matter the beginning, keep working til the end.

In MY 1st quarter, I lost my lady of 10 yrs, unexpected financial downturn in which my 2nd stream of income bottomed out. Hit with unexpected fines, and just recently lost my job a few weeks after my 3 yr anniversary. Someone said to me: Yikes, that’s too much for one person to bare so suddenly. We’re only 3 months into the year…. Now there are a few of you whose 1st question is going to be: Why did she leave after so long? Your concern for how I’m holding up was a 2ndary thought. That’s ok, because I know that’s how most are wired, so you’re forgiven lol. The how and whys don’t matter though. It’s the what’s next that does. What’s next?  Second star to the right, and straight on till morning of course.

peter pan

See, It’s just the 1st quarter, and although I’ve been hit, and hit hard, I know that the game (of Lyfe) isn’t over. I know that I have to keep on giving my best effort in everything that I do, because as I’ve told you before: Within all adversity lies opportunity. Far too many of you are quitting when things get tough. You’re throwing in the towel when the pain hits. You’re already cursing the year when there are still 9 months left. STOP giving up because things are tough. Stop letting doubt kill your dreams. You can do nothing, and guarantee an uncertain future, or you can take action today to help  shape a better tomorrow. Yea, yea, it hurts. There’s pain, but just like I asked you when I started this blog: Did you die? No? Then lets work, because your dreams don’t work unless you do. Live Lyfe.



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